Wowie Kazowie!

This site has several artists’ work on it. Totally blew me away! Check it out.


Wondering what to blog

Butterflies by Andrea Torres

Butterflies by Andrea Torres

Anything you want me to blog about? Here’s something new I found on Pinterest by Andrea Torres.

Animated Papercut

Here’s a very cool animation of papercut buffalo.  Check it out!

Great 3D Work

This takes 3D papercutting to a whole new level!

Elsita Botanical

Beatrice Caron — Has the 3 I’s: Interesting, Innovative, Intricate! Check it out.

MultipliCity by Beatrice Caron

MultipliCity by Beatrice Caron

Arthur & Shira's Wedding

Arthur & Shira's Wedding

Congratulations to Arthur & Shira! Thanks to Bob and Judi for commissioning this papercut in honor of Bob’s brother, Arthur, and his lovely bride Shira. This has the Ani L’Dodi theme (I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine), along with their Hebrew names, Aharon and Shirah. May they live happily ever after, with lots of naches.

Crane, Moon and Lotus

After an all-too-long hiatus, I got myself together and put new work online. Between this post I cut lots of paper, used lots of blades, and hopefully you’ll see some new inspiration in my work. There’s a good mix of Judaic and secular pieces. Please visit my shop and let me know what you think!

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